A New Year! : Tidbits from Chef Melissa

A New Year!

by Chef Melissa on 01/08/11

Happy 2011!

Now that the holidays are behind me and the kids are back in school, (Hurray!!) it is time to get back to work. I will be posting regularly, so check back often.

This week I have a great hand scrub to share with you. My hands are always a mess because of the amount of time I spend washing. I have a hard time finding products to help because scents give me migraines, so a long time ago I created this hand scrub. (It makes a great gift as well) I promise it works if you do it regurlarly. What is also nice is that you can personalize it by adding essential oils. You can usually find these in craft stores near the soap making supplies. You want the oils safe for your skin.

Hand Scrub

  • In a small container (I use a 4 oz. plastic container with a lid) fill 3/4 full with sea salt then add enough olive oil to make it a thick pasty scrub, if you are using a scent add a few drops now.
  • You are now ready to scrub your hands. Wet your hands with warm water and scrub with a small amount of scrub. To get the best results, after you scrub and rinse your hands be sure to pat your hands dry and apply a thick moisturizer.


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