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"If you ever dreamt about hiring a personal chef for your family (and/or your sanity), don't hesitate any longer.  Melissa Shimp is simply a blessing.  Melissa is a consummate cheffing professional who goes the extra mile in preparing delectable, healthy meals in your very own home.  We love to arrive home to a set table and a refrigerator full of creative meals.  Melissa is passionate about what she does and this is evident in her detailed menus (homemade salad dressing!) and the variety of cuisine she is skilled in preparing.  Our tastes range from Moroccan to homemade mac & cheese -- and Melissa never disappoints. Her talents have benefited our lifestyle in immeasurable ways. We whole-heartedly recommend Melissa's services and attention to detail to your family." Josh and Tanya
"Asking Melissa, from Melissa's Minute Meals, to cook for our family has been one of the best choices we have made.

We are the typical family where both parents work, and when it comes to dinner time, we find ourselves with three hungry kids and little time to fix them anything remotely healthy.  Before we signed on with Melissa, we found ourselves taking the path of least resistance more often than we would like - fast food, going out to eat at restaurants, or cooking a bunch of processed food.

The end result was that we were on the go with little quality family time in the evening, but then we found Melissa's Minute Meals.

Melissa comes to our house once every two weeks and cooks five meals (entree and sides) for us.  She has been cooking for us for over a year now and always varies the menu.  We are amazed by how good her food tastes!  When she finishes, the kitchen is just as clean as when she arrived.  The only difference is your home will smell a lot better because of the food she's prepared.

Melissa is a fantastic person who is easy to talk to, open to your cooking requests, honest and very trustworthy.

Honestly, you can't go wrong by hiring her to cook for you.  The only difficult part for you will be to decide which meal you'll eat first."

David and Marjorie

"Melissa has been cooking for us for over two years and we love having fresh cooked meals ready for us in the evening.  We were having a hard time finding fresh quality food for our family when we were so busy during the week.  Melissa finds ways to incorporate "hidden vegetables" in our children's menu and they are willing to try almost anything that she makes!"  BJ and Melony
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